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Attracting qualified and eager new veterinary talent to a hospital can be a frustrating undertaking for practice managers and senior DVM alike. Try thinking of hiring new DVM as if you were preparing for an important engagement. As the individual in charge of bring new veterinarians on board you want to make sure your hospital is making a good first impression.

Offering appropriate compensation and benefits is a good first start, but consider the other perks you can offer new vets when posting a job.Think about the quality and type of medical equipment you can offer for a new vet if they were to take the position. Top quality doctors want to perform top quality medicine, and to do that they need good tools. Try upgrading older microscopes to new digital style, or if the budget allows add equipment such as digital x-ray or new in house lab machines. Most companies offer very competitive financing packages for approved hospitals when buying new equipment. Sites like veterinaryequiptment.com offer comparison searches to find affordable deals as well.

Another effective upgrade to entice new DVM is to upgrade your record keeping to a digital platform. Many companies offer a cloud based back office and medical record keeping system that only costs a small monthly fee. A modern veterinarian will appreciate the speed and user-friendly nature of these online patient file platforms. Check out the top back office software providers. (http://veterinarybusiness.dvm360.com/veterinary-practice-software-comparison-chart)

Hospital organization and layout may be a more costly upgrade but can pay off long term not only be increasing professionalism toward clients, but by impressing new vets as well. A remolded clinic can show a new doctor that you have pride in your practice as well as its staff. Instagram, Pinterest, and DVM360 are perfect sources for hospital redesign inspiration.

Some times the issue arise for practice managers or senior veterinarians when they are finding the best places to post their job listings. You want to make sure that you are getting your particular job in front of the correct group of DVM. Medical journals and national associations both offer paid job listing but there are also several free options http://jobs.avma.org/employers/ and https://www.avma.org/ProfessionalDevelopment/Career/javma-classifieds/Pages/default.aspx

Multiple state level veterinary associations let members post to web classified for free.This will put your listing where new grads, existing DVM, and doctors looking to relocate can easily find a job posting. Make sure to put your website on these listings so a potential hires can scope out your hospital online before sending a resume.Check your states classifieds policy here https://www.avma.org/Advocacy/StateAndLocal/StateVMA/Pages/default.aspx

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