Hiring New Veterinarians




Hospital Organization,

Veterinary Equiptment

Attracting qualified and eager new veterinary talent to a hospital can be a frustrating undertaking for practice managers and senior DVM alike. Try thinking of hiring new DVM as if you were preparing for an important engagement.As the individual...

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Veterinary Practice Forms


Veterinary Forms,

Patient Forms,

Euthanasia forms,

Cage cards

Euthanasia is probably the most emotional time for not only the client but the veterinarian as well. As a vet, you have the responsibility to do what's in the best interest of your patient. Even during these difficult circumstances proper documentation is important...

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Veterinary Equipment Essentials For Growing Practices


Veterinary Equipment,




Throughout the history of veterinary practices equipment has all ways played an important roll in the proper diagnosis of animal patients. The correct tools can elevate...

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Digital X-ray


Traditional X-ray,

Digital X-rays,

Euthanasia Forms,

X-ray Technique

The transition from a traditional x-ray film development style machine to a new modern digital unit can be a daunting one. Where to start? How much do they cost? Will I get my money back from the investment? Digital x-rays might be a larger purchase price, new units starting from 45k...

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Portable Ultrasound


Ultrasound Machine,

Exploratory Scans,

BCF Technology

Adding additional services to a clinic is a profitable way to increase the bottom line without raising prices from your more competitive procedures. An ultrasound machine can give a veterinarian a chance to better serve patients with something they haven't offered before or have sent to a specialists...

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Laser Therapy


Muscle Regeneration,

Accelerates bone formation,

Soft tissue healing

A technology that's become more common place in veterinary practices and requested more often by clients is laser therapy. The technology, some times referred to as cold laser treatment, is used in numerous aspects of veterinary medicine. Muscle regeneration, accelerates..

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