Electrosurgery Units



Electrocautery Units,


Bovie Medical

If your the type of practitioner that enjoys time spent over the surgery table electrosurgery is a great option for modernizing your equipment line up. Electrocautery units have become a mainstay in the veterinary surgery room. By the manipulation of tip shapes and sizes units use different levels of electricity to obtain fast and safe ...

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Cryosurgery Pen


Cryosurgery Units,

Cryosurgerical Pens,

Surgical Suite Room

An equipment technology that can be a permanent veterinary hospital addition with minimal tracing time are cryosurgery units. Handheld units are affordable and make quick work of skin conditions like tags and warts. Cryosurgerical pens take a gas cartridge to lower the temperature of the precision tip.Units are compact and easy to ..

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