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The transition from a traditional x-ray film development style machine to a new modern digital unit can be a daunting one. Where to start? How much do they cost? Will I get my money back from the investment? Digital x-rays might be a larger purchase price, new units starting from 45k, but can definitely payoff in the long run. The time involved in older style x-ray technique not only slow a veterinarian or their techs down on a busy day but can also effect the diagnosis of the patient. With a digital unit clinic can quickly snap fast and clear images in most cases with the pet awake. This makes for a more immediate image for review, it also saves huge amounts of time for retakes. The time savings alone can effect a hospitals bottom line. With average x-ray chargers of around 150$ even a smaller size clinic can do enough procedures a week to cover a equipment loan payment. If you are used to referring your X-rays to a specialist, they will be very happy to streamline the process and accept your digital files for review.

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