Laser Therapy


Muscle Regeneration,

Accelerates bone formation,

Soft tissue healing

A technology that's become more common place in veterinary practices and requested more often by clients is laser therapy. The technology, some times referred to as cold laser treatment, is used in numerous aspects of veterinary medicine. Muscle regeneration, accelerates bone formation, soft tissue healing, and nerve recovery are a few areas that a laser therapy treatment can benefit your patients. It can be used on any procedures from one time routine surgeries to more intensive multi week pain management. Equipment supplier offer onsite training as well as on machine step by step instructions. Smaller units can be purchased from 1500-5000 dollars while full veterinary specific certified units run in the 25k range. Even at the higher end of the price spectrum a clinic can easily cover the cost of a monthly equipment lease or mortgage. Looking from more detailed explanation of the science behind laser therapy refer to

Edit: If you are already laser therapy enthusiast, ultrasound or stem might be your next progression. Both have been used for a considerable amount of time in human sports medicine and are starting to gain the necessary research in veterinary care. Here's a unit of your trying to stay ahead of the pack

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