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Adding additional services to a clinic is a profitable way to increase the bottom line without raising prices from your more competitive procedures. An ultrasound machine can give a veterinarian a chance to better serve patients with something they haven't offered before or have sent to a specialists before. With refurbished portable units starting out between 1000-2000 dollars this makes for a good first purchase when looking for clinic equipment modernization. If your not fully comfortable with the ultrasound or just need a refresher course there are many avenues for learning. Many veterinary colleges offer wet labs during continuing education seminars. If your purchasing a new unit some supplies even offer on site trading for the entire clinic staff. Don't be afraid to charge for “ exploratory scans” as your fine tuning your skills. Don't sell your skills short, just notify the client that you will try a discounted exportation scan to see if anything stands out to you. You will be surprised how often you get information that helps the patient and you come to a better diagnosis. Here is a good YouTube resource that post ultrasound tips https://www.youtube.com/user/BCFtechnology

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